Weekend Brunch Menu

We will be serving Brunch every Saturday and Sunday
Between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm


Cuban version of a Tortilla Espanola.
A Side Dish Included.
Our pastelitos are fresh baked daily in house.
  1. Tortilla de Papas (Vegetarian)
    $ 5.99
    In the mix: Pieces of browned skin on potatoes, caramelized chopped onions, minced parsley surrounded with whipped egg and baked to a golden brown.
  2. Tortilla de Chorizo
    In the mix: Same as Tortilla de Papas then add chorizo.
  3. Tortilla de Platano y Chorizo
    $ 6.99
    In the mix: This time, you add some real sweet plantains and chorizo. simple, but ooh so good!
  4. Tortilla de Papa con Jamon y Queso
    $ 6.99
    You grab a Tortilla de Papas, cut it across, add our sweet ham in the center and top it off with a generous amount of provolone cheese.
  1. Sweet Pastelitos (Sweet & Flaky)
    $ 2.49
    Guava, Guava & Cheese, Coconut & Cheese, Strawberry & cheese, Cream Cheese & Crusty Sugar
  2. Meat Pastelitos
    $ 2.99
    Beef or Chicken
  3. Torrejas (3ea.)
    $ 2.99
    you can call it, the "Cuban French Toast"
  4. Cuban Toast
    $ 2.89
    Cuban bread, toasted in a Panini press with real butter. Perfect for dipping in your Café con Leche or Cortadito.
Breakfast Sandwiches
Made fresh when you order it, not before.​
Made to order, when ordered.
One Side Dish Included.
  1. Coffee
    Sorry, no decaf
  2. Café con Leche
    $ 3.50
    Our smooth Café Cubano and steamed whole milk.
  3. Cortadito
    $ 2.75
    4oz of Café Cubano and 4oz of steamed milk. Shorter, but mighty.
  1. Breakfast Sandwich
    Eggs, choice of meat, choice of cheese in a Cuban Burger Roll.(Frita Roll) ***MEATS- Ham, Chorizo, Bacon, Fresh Turkey*** ***CHEESES- Swiss, Provo, American, Pepper Jack***
  2. Meatless Breakfast Sandwich
    $ 6.25
    Scrambled eggs with choice of cheese in a Cuban Burger Roll. (Frita Rool) ***CHEESE-American, Provo, Swiss, Pepper Jack***

#1 Special
Arroz con Huevo
A bed of white or yellow rice, topped with 2 fried eggs and Cuban toast
Add a side of Beans for only $.99

#2 Special
Huevos a Caballo
A bed of white or yellow rice, topped with Picadillo and 2 fried eggs and Cuban toast
Add a side of Beans for only $.99

Don't forget to add a side dish to your sandwich.