Breakfast Menu

We are serving breakfast every Saturday and Sunday
Between 8:00 am and 12:00 am


Cuban version of a Tortilla Espanola.
A Side Dish Included.
Our pastelitos are fresh baked daily in house.
  1. Tortilla de Papas (Vegetarian)
    $ 5.99
    In the mix: Pieces of browned skin on potatoes, caramelized chopped onions, minced parsley surrounded with whipped egg and baked to a golden brown.
  2. Tortilla de Chorizo
    In the mix: Same as Tortilla de Papas then add chorizo.
  3. Tortilla de Platano y Chorizo
    $ 6.99
    In the mix: This time, you add some real sweet plantains and chorizo. simple, but ooh so good!
  4. Tortilla de Papa con Jamon y Queso
    $ 6.99
    You grab a Tortilla de Papas, cut it across, add our sweet ham in the center and top it off with a generous amount of provolone cheese.
  1. Sweet Pastelitos (Sweet & Flaky)
    $ 2.49
    Guava, Guava & Cheese, Coconut & Cheese, Strawberry & cheese, Cream Cheese & Crusty Sugar
  2. Meat Pastelitos
    $ 2.99
    Beef or Chicken
  3. Torrejas (3ea.)
    $ 2.99
    you can call it, the "Cuban French Toast"
  4. Cuban Toast
    $ 2.89
    Cuban bread, toasted in a Panini press with real butter. Perfect for dipping in your Café con Leche or Cortadito.
Breakfast Sandwiches
Made fresh when you order it, not before.​
  1. Coffee
    Sorry, no decaf
  2. Café con Leche
    $ 3.50
    Our smooth Café Cubano and steamed whole milk.
  3. Cortadito
    $ 2.75
    4oz of Café Cubano and 4oz of steamed milk. Shorter, but mighty.
  4. Capuchino Cubano
    $ 3.75
    Café con Leche, add cinnamon, cocoa and whipped cream. LIFE IS GOOD!!!
Made to order, when ordered.
One Side Dish Included.
  1. Breakfast Sandwich
    Eggs, choice of meat, choice of cheese in a Cuban Burger Roll.(Frita Roll) ***MEATS- Sweet Ham, Chorizo, Bacon, Fresh Turkey*** ***CHEESES- Swiss, Provo, American, Pepper Jack***
  2. Meatless Breakfast Sandwich
    $ 6.25
    Scrambled eggs with choice of cheese in a Cuban Burger Roll. (Frita Rool) ***CHEESE-American, Provo, Swiss, Pepper Jack***
- American - Swiss - Provolone -
- Pepper Jack -
- Sweet Ham - Fresh Roasted Turkey -
Sausage Patty - Chorizo Espanol - Bacon -

Don't forget to add a side dish to your sandwich.