Taste of Havana

Taste of Havana

Cuban Sandwiches


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El Cubano - Roasted Pork, Ham, Swiss Cheese, Pickles, and Mustard

El Especial         El Regular       El Mini

 $10.99                $8.49           $6.50


Media Noche - Same as a Mini Cubano except in our sweet Media Noche roll


Elena Ruth - Turkey, Cream Cheese, and choice of Strawberry or Raspberry preserves in our sweet Media Noche roll


Pan con Lechon - Nicely marinated roasted pork, caramelized onions, and a little mayo


Pan con Bistec - Thin cut of steak, caramelized onions, potato sticks, lettuce, tomato, and mayo


Sandwich de Croqueta - Ham, Swiss cheese, ham croquettes, Pickles, and mustard


Sandwich de Chorizo - Ham, Swiss cheese, Spanish Chorizo (Not Mexican), pickles, and mustard


Other Samiches

The Cuban CrocTail - A 2 foot sandwich of pork, ham, Swiss cheeses, Provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo ,mustard and pickles. Weighing close to 3 pounds with fountain drinks and chips.

$25.99 (Sandwich alone $22.99)

The Havana Yacht Club - Ham, turkey, Spanish Chorizo, Bacon, Swiss cheese, Provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo


Taste Of Havana

Vegetarian Friendly

El Veggio - Seasonal veggies marinated in extra virgin olive oil, chopped garlic, oregano, and basil, then roasted to perfectionserved with your choice of cheese in a Media Noche roll

You like it hot? Add some of our homemade chipotle sauce


Maduros - one serving of 3 pieces - 1.99

Black bean soup

Cup - $2.50    Bowl - $4.25

Sweets and other goodies

Pastelitos - $1.90       Flan - $3.49

Kid's Menu

Guava & Cream Cheese Sandwich...$4.50

Grilled Cheese Sandwich...$4.50

Grilled Ham(or turkey) & Cheese Sandwich...$$4.99

BLT Sandwich...$4.50


Kid's meals include: a 16oz fountain drink

and a small bag of chips

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For the Carnavour:

Pan con Lechon with Black Beans Soup and/or Seasoned Yellow Rice

For the Vegetarian:

El Veggio Sandwich- seasonal veggies marinated in garlic, extra virgin olive oil herbs and spices, then roasted to perfections,  with your choice of cheese and a smoky chipotle sauce, if you like it spicy. To make it even better, "The Veggio" is served with a cup of black bean soup or seasoned yellow rice.

Ps. Yes, we recommend black beans soup with everything... It is that good!